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What is Domain?


What is Domain?

The word Domain is of great value and importance for all the people living on this globe. If we say that no business can survive without the use of internet and having its own website then we may not be wrong. In the current era of technology and cyber competition every business must have its own stunning, attractive and useful website.

So, if we talk about the word Domain, then we basically refer this to “the address of that business or organization on internet”. If we make it more simple then we can say that the physical address of any business or company on earth is like that; “House No. 123, Street No. 4, Block – D, ABC town, USA”. Similarly, if we talk about the address of any business or company on internet then it will be its Domain name like this www.companyname.com.

Is it quite simple?

So, Domain name basically describe the name of any business in the cyber world and it is the identity of that business. Now, what should be the best Domain name? Or how can we select the best Domain name? The answer for this is quite simple… “Select the Domain name whatever you like”

For example, if you are doing the business of ready made dresses and your company name is “THE BEST DRESS MAKERS”, then you can select any name for your Domain, for example the first name that may come into your mind while reading this article is “Dressy” then you can select this for your Domain, like www.dressy.com. You may also select any other odd name like “anwartoo”. Now this word has practically no meaning in any dictionary, and has no link with the business of making dresses, but still you can select it for your Domain name if you like that, like this, www.anwartoo.com.

Some experts of old school of thought say that the Domain name must be SEO friendly and the characters and words in the Domain name should be the key or searchable words. They were true before in the old days past a few years ago. But now the SEO experts are quite smart to make your website at the top of all the search engines if your Domain name does not contain even a single word regarding your business.

Example for this; www.wizybay.com. Now the domain name “wizybay.com” does not contain any key word showing Web Hosting and Domain Registration Services. But it is still on the top of ranking when you will search the key words like “Web Hosting”, “Best Hosting Services”, “How to buy Domain”, “Free Domains”, in the Google, Yahoo, or Bing search engines.

So, Domain name is basically your identity or name on the internet from which you will be recognized and approached. So go ahead and select whatever you want and whatever you like.



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